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Weight Loss Surgery - Today's Express Solution to Overweight Problem!

Bariatric surgery (aka weight loss surgery) is becoming more and more popular as an effective solution to weight loss problems. The surgery helps the patient to lose weight, and lowers the risk of health problems associated with obesity. There are multiple types of bariatric surgery, but gastric bypass is the preferred surgery in the United States. This surgery is chosen over others because it is much safer and it has fewer complications associated with it. This surgery doesn't work for everyone, and its important to remember the success of it depends on the patients will-power to make important changes to their lifestyle.


How is Bariatric Surgery done?

In gastric bypass surgery the surgeon makes a small area at the top of your stomach, and adds a bypass around a segment of your stomach and small intestine. This area that can hold about an ounce of food is then stapled off from the rest of your stomach. The small intestine is then cut and part of it is placed in the designated area the surgeon created. The food that enters this area will bypass the rest of your stomach limiting your ability to absorb calories, but at the same time your stomach still stays healthy.

The benefits of this surgery can be astounding. Within 1-2 years of surgery the patient can expect to lose 50% of their excess weight. With proper diet and exercise some people even experience greater results than this. The surgery can also help to cure the following conditions associated with obesity: diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol, GERD, and sleep apnea. The main thing the patient needs to keep in mind is to keep a proper diet and to exercise frequently to make this surgery work properly.


After Gastric Bypass - Complications, Risks and Symptoms

Before making the decision to have any type of surgery one should always first consider the risks involved. With gastric bypass weight loss surgery there are many risks involved. 1 in about 300 patients end up dying during the surgery, but this risk varies depending on general health, age, and other medical conditions the patient may have. Other risks involved are blood clots in the legs, leaking staple line in stomach, incision hernia, and dumping syndrome.

How can one expect to feel after undergoing this weight loss surgery? A patient may experience any of the following symptoms in the weeks and months following surgery: body aches, feeling tired, hair thinning, mood changes, dry skin, and feeling cold. Generally surgeons will require that the patient not eat for a couple days following the surgery. Then the patient will be given a specific diet to follow starting out first with liquids, and then slowly progressing to regular foods.

Hopefully after reading this article you have learned a lot about bariatric weight loss surgery. If you feel that gastric bypass surgery isn't the solution for you then you should look into the following other options: Lap-Band surgery, Vertical banded gastroplasty, or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch.


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