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Foods and Drinks for Cabbage Soup Diet

Listed below are questions about certain food and drinks while on Cabbage Soup Diet.


Do I have to drink 8 glasses of water everyday during diet? How long do I have to wait before the next diet?

Answer: Yes, you must drink 8 glasses of water every day to flush uric acid. You need to take a week or two break before going on it again.

Can I have black coffee or unsweetened ice tea every day or just on the first day?

Answer:  Some dieters drink black coffee and unsweetened tea everyday and have no weight issue problem.

Can I put fat-free salad dressing or ketchups on my vegetables?

Answer: Salad dressing and ketchup are not a good idea as these products contain sugar. You may use lemon juice with a little bit of mustard as a salad dressing. You may also try adding 1 tablespoon each of balsamic and plain rice vinegar, mixed with one packet artificial sweetener. Quick, easy and very tasty - no additives or fat.

Is it ok to drink alcohol during diet, e.g. vodka and diet pop or soda water?

Answer: As hard as it might seem, NO alcohol on any of the days is the correct answer! Once you get through the 7 days , then you can treat yourself, but it will absolutely hinder your progress for the week of cabbage soup diet, if you drink any alcohol.

Is it ok to drink diet coke on day 1-6?

Answer: Some dieters have been drinking diet drinks for the entire time and still losing weight. If you follow the diet to the exact tee you most likely will lose more.

Can I substitute fruit with veggie? Is there something I should eat to supplement what is good in the fruit?

Answer: I guess the fruits day are for keeping you sugar levels normal and stop your cravings for sweets. I guess you can eat something else in these days that contains some kind of natural sweetener (Honey, Brown sugar etc.), just don't pass the 1000 calories barrier for that day with what you eat. (Except the soup of course)

Is is ok to cook veggie with butter and replace skim milk with soy milk?

Answer: You should not use butter as it is loaded with fat and calories, even a little adds up! It should be ok to replace skim milk with soy milk if you can match or decrease the carbohydrate, calories and fat gram.

Can I use pepper and salt on my veggies to make it more tasty? Will it affect the result?

Answer: Yes. But be careful of the salt intake as that will cause you to retain water hindering the scale a bit.

How to make my rice more tasty?

Answer: You can make fried rice with onions and veggies with little of Pam or butter. You can also make a tomato salsa to eat with your rice just like "Spanish rice". Day 7 is very important as it stabilizes your carbohydrate craze after the diet.

I am an vegetarian and don't eat meat, but eat eggs. What should I replace the chicken and beef with in this diet?

Answer: Make your eggs anyway you want them. You may add hard-boiled egg into Pace Salsa and scrambled with onion, mushrooms, peppers. You may also try having veggie ground round. 10-20oz of beef is 568-1136 calories and veggie ground round is 60calories per 1/3 cup so you can have about 3-6 cups of it (which is LOADS). It will probably work the same. You can also substitute beans also if you like for the beef day, but whatever substitute you pick, keep it the same all that day.

How much pineapple does one consume per day? Are other fruits e.g. oranges ok?

Answer: Eat as much fresh pineapple as you like. Oranges is ok for fruit day.

What healthy snack can I have during diet?

Answer: Try freeze dried fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, apples, etc, which is 100% fruit and has no moisture it's crunchy. Dried fruit sometimes has sugar and is usually soft and sticky. For a snack on veggie days, cut carrots, green beans, onions or parsnips etc. like French fries , toss them with a teaspoon each, of the spices cumin and coriander. and bake at 400 for 25 minutes. Just eat the fries plain. You may also have you cabbage soup for snack

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