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Successful Cabbage Soup Dieting Tips

Tips offer by successful cabbage soup dieters to help you in following the diet.


Tips for Successful Cabbage Soup Dieting
I tried this diet and went from 240 to 165 in around 4 months along with exercise. This diet really works if you follow the guidelines- no variations is the answer. If you don't like something on the diet, tough, it won't work!! One key I believe is to cook the hell out of the soup- 2 to 3 hours. The first three days are the hardest as your body adjusts to the low carbs. The milk and banana day gets your energy back. After around a week, your energy level returns. Day 5 and 6 are sort of like the Atkin's Diet (high protein) and really gets your body burning fat. By oddfinish

I have lost 10 lbs in one week. Many say the cabbage soup has no miraculous ingredients itself.. which actually is not true. Think about negative calories diet! My advice is eat as much soup you can. Beside filling you up you have in it quite a few negative calories vegetables. And since the first 3 days are based on vegetables and fruits try and make your selection from those who have a negative calories profile. If you got stuck on the third day, try focusing on how good you will look after the diet, not to mention you only have one more day and then you can eat meat, which makes it so much easier. Try focus on day 5 if it helps more. Just don't give up! Take 2 week off from cabbage soup diet as recommended before continuing. If you over do it just won't have the same result. By hellen
For people with low metabolism try adding apple/vinegar pills, take two in the morning, and your good for the day. This will help with the digestion. you can also add or sub kelp pills. now these can be taken in liquid form, capsules or pills.  Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day no matter what. Get a 2liter bottle of water and just refill from tap, carry that bad boy with you all day and sip it clean. Stir fry your veggies for fun, steam them and make sure you get many different types to make this fun. If you eat any one type and feel like your getting weak you might have an allergy or something so rotate the fruit and veggies. By happy Canuck

Try the cabbage soup diet, but don't do it to the T!
I play football and needed to lose some weight. I'd had the discipline to stick with it because of football. I lost 41 pounds. I don't suggest anyone follow it to the T because its deprivation, big time. I ate the soup 3 times a day for 2 weeks. I had a breakfast of either oatmeal or fruit and one other food during the day. I also cleansed out my colon by taking two enemas daily. The weight loss was way to drastic for me. I felt light-headed for like a day, but it subsided. I was becoming healthier though. Because I cleansed my colon, I started digesting food better and my metabolism is higher. I've kept eating the soup with my regular diet because its healthy and doesn't taste half bad. I've kept off my weight for 5 months now. So I suggest try it, but don't do the diet to the T. By Jason
Motivational tools I am using
I got out two of my favorite outfits that I wish to fit into again and have hung them in the hall so if I experience inevitable weak moments I will go look at them. Also have a picture of me pre weight gain that I have made copies of... one in my purse, one on fridge, one in front room. If I get REAL desperate, I will look at my fluffy self in the mirror while exercising. What a great feeling it will be in springtime to no longer SEARCH for three quarter sleeves to hide these arms! By Chubby
How long can I stay on the cabbage soup diet?
I have done a lot of research about this diet over the past couple of weeks. (I'm on day 5 now) Many alter the diet and some stay on it for a two week period instead of one.
Today, I called my doctor and his concern about the diet is nutrition and that vitamins are essential if eating only the foods allowed on the diet. He also said that the diet should NOT be continued after one week because it is a diet designed for temporary quick water loss and nothing more. He even said that this diet could be harmful if overused beyond the one week. He also expressed concern that I was on it in the first place until I explained I was using it for more of a detox prior to a follow-up diet. He stressed the importance of stopping it after the one week.
He said the only weight I would lose is water weight as it is not a fat burning diet. He said it is a semi-starvation diet and the body needs more nutrition to be healthy and to burn calories! He said "you need calories to burn calories and that means being patient and eating proper portions and exercise of balanced, nutritious foods." He asked me if I have been feeling lightheaded and when I said yes he warned me not to push the envelope.
He wanted me to come in for a check up but after I told him that I was having some chicken today and the soup and tomatoes he conceded and made me promise that I would return to a diet with more balanced nutrition.
I am continuing to the end, but will also include a leafy salad everyday from here on out and a few other things. It may take more time to drop a few pounds but overall, I'm doing the diet as a way to detoxify before going into a better healthier way of eating which was always the goal....long term health and to shrink my hunger a little using this diet. I sure wish there was a magic wand but there just isn't! By Chubby
Cabbage soup diet-Not that tough actually!
Remembering the days I was on a fruit diet, it is a hard diet to stay on. So here I am doing the Cabbage Soup Diet because the thought of all fruit was just too tough. I looked at this diet thinking wow, to eat that food and be on a diet would be a walk in the park!! I lost 12 pounds the first week on my fruit diet, gained back 5 during my break (the lasagna was a killer) but have now lost all the regained weight by the second day on this Cabbage Soup Diet. So, my thought is that as long as you keep trying even if you have moments of weakness, you never failed, just sometimes have setbacks. I may do the Cabbage Soup Diet for 1 week and then do fruit for two days (suffering every moment) just so I'll look forward to the Cabbage Soup Diet again!! At least that's the plan for now and at this point even the banana peppers don't call me from the fridge since I'm actually eating glorious soup and that beautiful baked potato I had last night was heaven (didn't even need the butter). By Robyn

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