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User Testimonial on Cabbage Soup Diet


The first time that I tried the diet, I lasted through the fifth day. I started doing the sixth day, but that evening I ended up going out to eat. This was a big mistake, because your body is not used to having much fat. I ate a "normal" dinner and paid for it that night. With the diet, you eat so many fruits, vegetables, and not much of anything else. You take in so much fiber that it does cause severe cramping, which is one of the main things that I do not like about this diet. I have heard of many people who have learned this the "hard way."
The first time that you eat something with fat, you can definitely tell. I guess your system is cleansed of all the fat and impurities, which is good, but it is a little too much for the body to handle. I have to wonder if it rids your body of vitamins and minerals. Sure, eating fruits and vegetables is wonderful, but I think that you need to have a little something extra. This diet does try to throw in some protein. Like the baked potato on the second day and the beef, but the cabbage seems to counteract it.
I did not feel like I had a lot of energy and I did have severe stomach cramps. Like I said, I did lose the weight and was able to get back into my clothes, but I had to wonder if it was worth it. I guess that is why it took three times to realize the answer and that is NO! After being on this diet, it takes about a week or so to get your system regulated.
I know some people eat only fruits and vegetables, so I don't really know what it is about this diet that messes you up so bad. I guess it is the combination of foods and all of the cabbage.
I really don't recommend this diet to anyone, but I guess if you need to drop a quick 10-15 pounds then you might check this out. However, be prepared to suffer the consequences. It will definitely get you back into that dress or pair of jeans, but might not really be worth it.
I have known several people who have done this diet. They all lost the weight, but did suffer the same problems that I did. The diet can be done for a week, and then skipped for a week. You can then go back on it. A woman at work did this for a month. She did lose all that she wanted to lose. I am not sure, but maybe your body would get used to it after doing it a few times in a month, but I am not willing to experiment.
From sheann26

In my opinion, there are several reasons why this is not a good idea. First, going on a "crash" diet for a week may allow you to lose a few unwanted pounds, but what happens when the week is up? I can tell you what would happen for me. I would be running as fast as I could to get some ice cream, or one of my other favorite foods that I had been craving while feeling deprived on this diet. How many times have you heard of people losing weight while using methods like this, and then gaining all the weight back, sometimes even additional pounds, after going off the diet?
Second, It cuts out of many of the main food groups that provide sound nutrition. You do need fats, grains, and regular sources of protein. This whole diet does nothing to teach you how to eat healthy or maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the diet has also prompted some complaints of gas, nausea, and light-headedness. Oh yippee! What fun!!
In spite of the diet's unhealthiness, I'm sure it couldn't hurt anyone who is relatively healthy by going on it for a week, but why would you want to? If anyone could keep the weight off after going on this fad diet, then it might be worth it for a week. However, knowing myself, and how I am, the odds are stacked against me with this plan.
From J. King

Just before my wedding, about 2 years ago, I was feeling fat, as almost all brides do, and decided to lose some weight for the wedding. A friend from work had just started the Cabbage Soup diet and had already lost some weight so, I begged her for her secret and here's what she gave me
Now, I followed the instructions with out flaw and, it wasn't easy. The first few days I felt weak and hungry, but by the third day, I had a rush of energy. By the end of the week, I had lost 14 pounds and gone down a dress size. I was amazed.
Now, when you're given this diet you are told to only follow it for one week at a time. One week on the diet and two weeks off is the recommended pattern. Therefore, after I completed my week, I went off the diet. The first day off I tried to eat a simple sandwich and couldn't. My system rejected it. My body had become so adjusted to living off a primarily fluid diet that when I tried to introduce solids to my system, they were rejected. This went on for the next week. I felt sick and hungry at the same time. I ended up losing another few pounds by the end of that week.
The result was I lost nearly 20 pounds in a very short time, but it wasn't worth it. I was sick after losing the weight and all of the pounds I shed were quick to return. I do not recommend this diet to anyone. If you want to lose weight, start with a healthy eating style and exercise. Quick fixes like the Cabbage Soup Diet are dangerous and not the way to go.

Oh, yes the famous Cabbage Soup Diet. I have tried this diet, as I have tried many others and this is what I have to say about this diet.
Do you like cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and other veggies? If so, then you might just like this diet. One thing I do have to say about it is I do like the smell of the garlic, onions, tomatoes, and cabbage cooking all together. When you see it all in the "big" pot, it reminds me of vegetable soup, but without the meat.
You have to cook this soup in a "big" pot because of all the ingredients that you put in it and there are a lot. You have to remember you are making it for a whole week's worth of food.
I tried this diet because I wanted to lose weight, and I figured how easy this diet could be. I thought I could eat soup everyday with NO problem, boy was I wrong. Not only was I craving meat, but also I was full of gas. This diet is used for "emergency" heart operations, for a fast weight loss to clean out your system before surgery. Boy, I pity those who used this diet before surgery, cause you get gas with this diet, and I remember when I had surgery and woke up I had "gas" big time from the anesthesia and it hurt. Therefore, I can only imagine the people with double gas.
I'm not saying that this diet doesn't help a person lose weight. I'm just saying it didn't help me to lose weight because I just got sick of the same food everyday. I need a diet that gives me a variety of foods to choose. If I get bored with the same foods over and over, I tend to leave the diet and I have failed. Did I really fail or, was it the diet that failed me? That is the question I'm still trying to figure out with all the different diets out there today.
I know a few people who were on this diet, and they done well with it. I'm glad that it has helped them out. I feel that sometimes the word "diet" is the wrong word to use when you are trying to lose weight because no one likes to say they are on a diet since to them, they feel like they are depriving themselves of food. Therefore, when I'm trying to lose weight, I don't say I'm on a diet, I say instead that I found a better way to learn to eat properly. This sounds much healthier and not so restrictive when it comes to the food of choice. As far as this cabbage soup diets is concerned, I just feel it's NOT the right healthy way to lose weight.
From Missy Termin

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