No weight loss! It is not working! Why?

Too Much Spices, Salt & MSG

Be careful of spices and bouillon cubes that are consumed. MSG will make you retain water for as long as 4 days. Continue drinking 8-10 glasses of water with this diet, it does work. As far as all the negative aspects of everyone’s opinion, after you’ve done this you need to continue and eat properly and maintain healthy eating habits as well as exercise daily or in the least 3 times a week. It’s not only a 7 day plan…you have to keep up the maintenance otherwise once you resume your old eating habits then yes you will regain all or more weight.

Too Much Butter & Sugar

If you are finding that you have not lost any weight after day 3, more than likely you will need to examine your eating habits. Are you adding butter to your vegetables? If so try rubbing some Pam Butter Spray instead. Butter contains a lot of excess calories and fat. Are you adding sugar to your fruits? Try a low calorie sweetener instead. Also, try to cut sugar where you can. Juice can be full of sugar, so try to keep an eye on that as well.

Weakness, dizziness, bad-humor and sleepless nights

This diet affects everyone differently. Some people just can deal with such a low carbohydrate, low calories, low protein diet better than others. May be try adding a very small serving of protein every day to help with the weakness and faintness. You can use eggs, chicken or even nuts. You may try a serving of skim milk or low-fat plain yogurt.

Headache during cabbage soup diet

Many folks complain of headaches from caffeine withdrawal and drink their diet sodas and/or coffee through cabbage soup diet. If the headache is unbearable, you may try to continue having coffee every morning. Many dieters do so and it hasn’t hindered the progress. Most have still lost substantial weight doing it too.

How can I stop the craving for sugar and carbohydrates?

Some dieters take an all natural diet pill Ephedrine free (e.g. Acutrim Natural A.M. Dietary Supplement) to help them pass the first three days without any sugar, bread, pasta or potatoes. When you have control after this, you don’t need the diet pills anymore.

What are the ways to deal with the extra gas?

The best way of getting rid of gas is a lot of walking – shifts everything through your system and gives you some exercise as well. Last thing you need is to go to the gym and do crunches with gas! If you start your workout on a Stairmaster, treadmill or elliptical machine, it would help. You may also try Ovol for gas relief at night.